Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inspiration...Where to find it

What inspires us when we decorate our homes? When posed this question, most of us think...magazines, books, television, blogs or even the latest trends. Sometimes we overlook the obvious places for inspiration (I've done it). We've all been told to pick something small and start from there...a vase, a rug, a work of art, a beautiful accent fabric, etc. But what about nature? Take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think.
Picture 1

A beautiful autumn day.

Better Homes and Gardens
The bright wall and sofa color are similar to the glowing orange leaves in the picture above. The pale blue sky is mimicked in the ottoman and throw pillows. The dark wood tones of the tree trunks are seen in the trim and furniture. The fireplace surround mirrors the color of the asphalt road, and lastly the green that accents the room can be seen in the surrounding trees and grass.
Picture 2

A field full of golden yellow sunflowers.

Better Homes and Gardens

The luscious green of the sunflower leaves is duplicated in the wall color, table cloth and upholstered dining chairs. The rich chocolate brown of the flower centers can be seen in the wood flooring, dining table and chairs, as well as the oil rubbed bronze light fixture and drapery rod. Finally the brilliant golden yellow of the sunflower pedals is picked up in the drapes and the tableware.

Picture 3
Your gonna hate me for this one but...A glorious, sugary, sandy white shoreline!

Coastal Living
Sorry but it had to be done! The beach is very inspiring when it come to design. I know most of us are freezing our burlap off right now. But at least we can dream of warm summer sun!
Now back to the beach picture. That creamy white on the wall and slipcovers duplicate the sandy beach. The grey and taupe of the fabric and accent furnishing mimic the colors seen in the rocky shoreline, the wet sand and the trunks of the palm trees. Last the pops of turquoise in the throw pillows and accent pieces are pulled from the shimmering blue/green water.
Well there you have it. What do you think? Is is possible to design a room from nature?

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