Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Project...for the kiddo!!

Hello Hello Hello Sweet Valentine Friends!

Hope everyone is keeping warm today. We're just sitting and waiting on the snow/rain. For some crazy reason, central Georgia is suppose to get more snow that us mountain folk. Oh well guess we will have to wait and see.

On a non-weather related note, I have been helping my sweet little man decorate his Valentine box for school. He being such a huge Sponge Bob fan, we just had to get Sponge Bob Valentine cards. So I had a great idea to decorate his box in the likeness of Sponge Bob's humble abode...the pineapple under the sea! Using materials from around the house, I came up with this little number.


Isn't is great to be a crafty mom!!!

Sorry I had to use the forbidden camera FLASH. It's kinda hard to utilize the natural light at 6am!! heehee.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OH my goodness...

Well Howdy there...long time no talk. I've been such a bad bloggy mom...neglecting you so! But alas I do have a reason...I have been battling the ahhhhh chooos. First Hubbie got it...then my grandmother...then my my sweet little baby girl and to top it off I think I'm getting it...goodness! My baby girl's sickness has manifested into a severe ear you know what I've been doing all night.

Since the weather has been so, cold temps, rain...I've been unable to start many of my New Years projects (most require painting!!). So to stay busy I've been cleaning and organizing. I have to profess that I am a closet hoarder. That's right, I said it!! When I started diggin junk out of these tight spaces, it looked like a popcorn machine exploded...junk everywhere and no idea what to do with it! So I've been on the hunt for inexpensive ways to store my beloved junk...that is the junk that I want to keep! Here's what I've found so far... Ikea $14.99...GRRRRReat for the home office and craft room and there are two other styles available. This would look so cute painted and shabby.

Ikea...super cute! Think this one was $9.99ea. I would paint it a bright color...maybe even use chalkboard paint inside the little embossed square. Easy way to identify the contents of the container.

Really easy bench for the foyer made from kitchen cabinets...maybe the kids would actually use it instead of the dining chairs!

An old heating grate repurposed into a mail slot. I really like it...but I think maybe a rescued ceiling tile would be better (weights less).

I love this idea sooooooo very much! Using three prefab bookcases, this make-shift wall is great to section off an entryway and provide storage for coats and books. I could see this in a family room to make a little office nook or a reading nook.
Cute inexpensive way to store bathroom items. HUMMM I'm thinking in the kids bathroom maybe. Each child has a planter with their name on it.
Well that's all I've got so I've got to go shopping. Hopefully I will be back later to show you my progress on the laundry room. (fingers crossed) :)
Photos above from Ikea and BHG