Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Cool Thing

Holy Moly...what a time I've been having here lately. Can't get motivated to do much of anything! I have all these ideas but no spunk! Take this sweet thing I found in the latest PBteen catalog.

This is so what I need in my craft room and my kitchen and my step-daughters room. Goodness maybe I need one of these in every room!! LOL No seriously, this looks to be an easy project....trim, left over piece of pegboard, fabric, 1/4" plywood, chalkboard paint, thin dry erase board...all left over stuff we have lying around the house right? Ahha who am I fooling, it would definitely take some work but I bet I could make it for a whole lot less than $299!!! Oh well guess I'll add this to my ever-growing TO-DO LIST!

Well got to get going on that list and soon. Someone please build a fire under me! :)

Talk to ya soon!

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  1. Boy, oh boy! Do I ever know about those "ever-growing TO DO lists" ! But it looks worthwhile! Would love to see your version!


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