Monday, October 26, 2009

Easy Peasy Little Girls Mural

We painted our baby girls room in a medium violet color. Sorry I can't remember the color name off hand...I know its by Valspar! Anyway...I wanted to paint a cute mural above her crib. Me being so indecisive as I am, I decided to do a cute and quick version. A mural that wouldn't take me long to paint but was easy to remove when I change my mind.

I used the crib as a guide. I used a pencil and made a small mark where I wanted the bottom of the mural to be (about eight inches above the top of the crib). Next I painted a large freehand oval with some left over Valspar sample paint. It doesn't matter if the oval is not perfect. You will be adding foliage around the outside that will cover up any imperfections.

I used a two colors of green (lime and forest) and a sunshine yellow to paint the foliage. Starting at the bottom, I worked my way around the oval with strokes of green with yellow highlights. After I was satisfied with my foliage, I applied these sticky back decals to the mural. "Sticky back"...can ya tell I live with a five year old!!! I digress...these decals were purchased at Walmart for $10.

I applied the flowers in such a way that it looked like they were growing out of the painted foliage. I placed the little bird and the butterfly on a blade of grass. The fairies were applied last. Once everything was in place, I noticed that the fairies had glitter on their wings. So I grabbed some Tee shirt glitter paint and brushed it on the background. Hey every fairy need pixie dust!!!

I was please with how it turned out and my daughter loves to look up at it when she's in her crib. It was easy to do and will be easy to change! I like those kind of projects!!

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  1. I have seen a lot of these decals on blogs and some in stores. Such a nice idea!


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