Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tea for 2-1/2

A two weeks ago my dear sweet grandmother took my 4 month old daughter and myself to a quaint tea room to celebrate my birthday. We absolutely loved it! It was such a blessing to share that special time with both my grandmother and my daughter. It was so nice to get away from the craziness of everyday life and just reconnect.

There were beautiful damask table linens draped on each table. The china and silverware were of mixed patterns and textures, giving a homey welcoming feel. The fine china tea pot sat on a brass warmer (warmed by a small tea candle).

The sweet smell of hot tea wafted through the air. The homemade breads and scones were heavenly. A small dual condiment dish was brought out with Mock Devonshire Cream and Lemon Curd...Yum Yum! If you ever find yourself in the North Georgia Mountains, you must go by and have a spot of tea at the Baron York Cafe.

As I was enjoying my tea and scones, I had a thought...why don't I figure out a way of displaying my various tea cups and saucers. So off to the net I went and this is what I found...

Wall Display Racks and Table Display Racks:

$29.95 $23.95

These can be purchased at The Tea Cup Gallery

If you had several prized teacups and saucers, display racks like the ones above would be perfect but what if you had a whooooole lot of them? I personally like this...

Better Homes and Gardens

Oh yeah...I finally found out how to take that yellow date stamp off my pictures! So hopefully from now on my pics won't have dates on them...that is if I don't forget!!

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  1. My grandmother used to take us to a really quaint tea room, The Lady Primrose, for special occasions...and then it closed! I remember how much fun it was to go though and to enjoy warm tea and scones and lovely company. Treasured memories! Wonderful post!



  2. How fun to go to tea!! I love having teas at my home. Since moving 2 years ago I have to work on getting my tea buddy list built back up (this starting from scratch making new friends is hard- everyone is so busy these days!)



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