Monday, October 5, 2009

Wish'in and Hope'in and Dream'in

It's a cold rainy day and I'm stuck at work...with a little time on my hands. So what's a girl to do? Why day dream a little!!!

Better Homes and Gardens
This settee is casual but elegant. I love the fact that it is a bench but yet the
pillows give it a soft cushiony feel. (Cushiony is a funny little word isn't it? hee-hee)
I think I would like to try and make this little pretty!

Better Homes and Gardens
My living room would look great with raised panels. I have a vaulted ceiling and I think the white panel would help break up the height. I would have to find wood strips that were 1/4" thick. That way we wouldn't have to remove my baseboard (which I really like).

Better Homes and Gardens
Oh I could so see this on one of the tall walls in my living room. Some nice built in shelving with bead board behind it. We could make a nice little nook for the sofa to sit in!!....HUM!! OH Sweet HUBBY!!!

Better Homes and Gardens
I just love the sweet scallop design of this display shelf. Wonder how they did that?? Maybe a band saw. I would have to work up to using one of those...Don't think I want to loose a finger just yet!!! LOL
I have actually been trying to talk Hubby into installing pine wood floors in the kitchen so I can paint them black and white. He likes the idea...but he kinda looks at me like I've lost my mind! Oh well, guess I'll have to talk him into it. I've just about got him talked into the bead board back splash...maybe mixing in some tin as well.
Just about everywhere I turn, I see people using old screen doors as pantry doors like Layla at The Lettered Cottage and Aunt Ruthie at Sugar Pie Farm House. My house lacks a walk in pantry or a closet pantry for that matter. So I thought it would be nifty to hang an old screen door in my dining room entryway. It would give some separation between kitchen and dining room...but still have that open feeling.

OH Boy...back to work! Thanks for coming along with me while I day dreamed.

Talk to ya soon.


  1. I love those raised panels too and plan on doing that to my dining room!

    Thanks for stopping by today. To answer your question, my dining table is an old pine table that I painted white last year because I wanted a white table but couldn't afford one!


  2. What a beautiful much eye candy!
    To answer your question about my sink: yes, it is stainless and the fixture is almost black. I think it works, especially if you have a little of both in your kitchen.

    Hope that helps!
    Linda :)


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