Friday, October 23, 2009

What a gloomy blah day! Ya ever have those days that ya wish ya could go back to bed? Well that's me today. Hubby was up all last night with the stomach flu and the baby thought it would be cute to wake up and babble for 2 hours. Oh she was very precious babbling away...little stinker!! Those late nights make for long days.

I'm hoping to complete my craft/art studio this weekend so I can share it with you all. All I lack is the trim work and Sheetrock/paint touch ups. I'll try to take lots of pictures of the trim installation...keep ya posted! Well I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Talk to ya soon!


  1. I can relate to those long nights...and for me the morning and day that follows is filled with lots of coffee! I don't think that I could live (or stay awake!) without it! Here's hoping that you get some better sleep this weekend!


  2. Very gloomy in NE!

  3. That's what my days and nights have been like as well. I've had the stomache bug and my 14 month old had the flu, then an ear infection. I hope everyone gets better soon!


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